Article ( New Rugged Mobile Solution for Enterprise

Today’s workforce relies on mobile devices and enterprise-ready apps, but devices and apps are not always up to the task. A new partnership aims to go above and beyond standard, consumer-grade capabilities to offer businesses the most rugged hardware paired with highly manageable and secure software.

Mobiliya Technologies,, a hardware and software platform provider for industries such as education, defense, security, manufacturing, oil and gas, and others, has announced a partnership with Sonim Technologies,, a provider of mission-critical solutions for workers in extreme, hazardous, and isolated environments. Together, the two companies hope to meet the needs of today’s enterprises by bringing to market an ultra-rugged, secure, enterprise-managed Android-based, LTE (long-term evolution) and Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone.

Mobiliya and Sonim say they will collaborate on both hardware and software, combining Mobiliya’s KratOS with the latest Sonim hardware. KratOS offers a secure, custom ROM (read-only memory) based on Android for devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. Together with Sonim’s devices that are designed for heavy-duty enterprise use, the partnership will help the companies better serve customers in core markets such as oil and gas, construction, and defense.

With capabilities for a panic button, emergency services, and device tracking, as well as data encryption, permission-based cross-app data transfer, enterprise readiness, and the ability to centrally manage all device data, the partnership will help enhance the way enterprises use mobile devices.

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