Feature (YourStory.com): [Techie Tuesdays] Your favourite Indian techies of 2015, voted by you

Last week, we asked you to vote for your favourite techies. The voting process is over and the response has been amazing. We had profiled techies from various fields and demographics who went on to achieve different things in life. It was very difficult for us to choose one techie from the list of over 40 we had profiled this year. But, based on the votes received, we bring you the top three techies who were close to the hearts of our readers and also three stories handpicked by our editors.

Ankush Tiwari, SVP Engineering and MD, Mobiliya
Ankush Tiwari, SVP Engineering and MD, Mobiliya

Ankush Tiwari: Ankush Tiwari comes from an army background, which helped him survive the corporate rut. Ankush started his career working on a web browser for MOTO RAZR and then moved on to Linux and CDMA technologies at Motorola. He later worked on LiMo, the first open-source operating system for mobiles. Android came into the picture later and LiMo became Tizen. Ankush co-founded Mobiliya. Click here to read more about Ankush Tiwari.

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